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Israel vs. Amalek:
An Historical Timeline

Amaleki History

Amaleki Influence

General History

Jewish Influence

Jewish History


The Communists & their allies will self-destruct, ending WWIII

Revolutionary terror will sweep the world in WWIII

A permanent era of religious peace & prosperity will fill the world
All peoples of the world will turn to the Jews for religious guidance

The Messiah will bring the whole world under Judaic theocracy
The Messiah will lead the Jews in eradicating all Amaleki survivors
The Messiah will win WWIII

The Messiah will rebuild the Jerusalem Temple
A Jewish king (Messiah) will arise

 2100 CE

• Communists & their allies infiltrate every government, move­ment, & organization in the world
• Communists & secret societies provoke WWI

• Communism pretends to "die," tries to launch WWIII
• Communists build Nazism & launch WWII
• Communist revolution seizes Russia 1st & launches the Red Terror

• Miracles frustrate plans for WWIII in the 1960s & 1990s
• WWII is miraculous­ly cut short, confusing Communist plans
• The growth of capitalism weakens revolutionary turmoil

• Jews gradually return to Judaism & conser­vatism, & begin preparing gentiles for theocracy

• Hasidic Jews gradually turn Israel back to religion
• Israel is reestablished as a Jewish state (under anti-religious, Marxist control)
• Hasidic Jews fight Communism under­ground in Russia

 2000 CE

• The Communist League hires Karl Marx, then becomes the Communist International
• The Communist League, a branch of the Illuminati, arises

• The Communists launch revolution in Europe, but are defeated
• Napoleon leads the Illuminist revolution in conquering Europe, but is defeated

• The USA welcomes Jews & their influence, and grows to become the world's greatest power

• The Alter Rebbe sends Jewish agents to battle Napoleon

• Subversive forces cause millions of Jews to leave their religion
• Hasidic Jews fight against agents of the Illuminati in Russia

 1900 CE

• The Illuminati, a new secret society, take control of all other revolutionary movements
• European Freema­sonry comes under revolutionary control
• The Sabbateans become the Frankists under new leadership

• The combined revolution, under Illuminati control, unleashes revolution & terror in France
• The Sabbateans/ Frankists infiltrate Judaism and Christi­anity

• The USA becomes independent
• The industrial revolution begins

• The Alter Rebbe, a student of the Baal Shem Tov, begins the universal Hasidic teaching of Kabbalis­tic wisdom to prepare for the Messiah

• The Alter Rebbe begins Hasidic re-colo­nizing of Israel
• The Baal Shem Tov, a follower of Rabbi Luria, founds the Hasidic movement

 1800 CE

• Subversive influence of the Knights Templar resurfaces with the Rosicrucians

• The Shabbetai Tzvi, a Jewish renegade, dec­lares himself Messiah & launches Sabbatean rebellion against the rabbis

• England, Holland, & other Europeans welcome back Jews & are blessed with colonial empires

• Jewish teachings affect many Protestant movements
• Influenced by Jewish teachings, Isaac Newton founds modern science


 1700 CE


• Well-organized so­cialist, anarchist revo­lution terrorizes all Germany
• Dominicans fight Jewish influence among Christian thinkers

• Martin Luther launches the Refor­mation & incites rebellion

• Jewish teachings of the Talmud win support among many Christian intellectuals

• Rabbi Luria of Israel teaches Kabbalistic concepts to prepare for the "End of Days"
• Rabbi Caro of Israel codifies Jewish Law in the Shulchan Oruch

 1600 CE

• Muslim invasions suppress the Bogomils in eastern Europe

• Dominican agitators provoke riots & massacres of Jews in Germany & Austria
• The Satanists launch a wave of terror & murder throughout Europe

• Christians reconquer Spain from Islam
• Muslim Turks con­quer the Byzantines, finally ending the Roman empire


• Spain & Portugal expel all Jews
• Christian persecution eliminates all Jews from Austria

 1500 CE

• The Knights Temp­lar are forced under­ground, but continue to exist

• Christian monks provoke anti-Jewish riots all over Europe, causing 10,000's to be tortured & murdered
• Organized anar­chist revolutions sweep France & England
• The Luciferians be­come the Satanists & practice black magic

• An epidemic of Plague kills at least one quarter of Europeans in Divine judgment


• France expels all Jews for centuries

 1400 CE

• Mongol invasions suppress the Assas­sins
• The Albigenses are suppressed, but not destroyed

• Franciscan & Domin­ican agitators provoke riots & massacres against Jews every­where
• The Luciferians spread into Germany, Italy, France

• Muslims finish reconquering all Israel from the Crusaders

• Jewish sage Nach­manides wins a reli­gious debate against Christians in Spain

• England expels all Jews (for 400 years)

 1300 CE

• Muslims reconquer Egypt & overthrow the Fatimids
• The Knights Temp­lar, an anti-Jewish secret society allied with the Gnos­tics, Assassins, & Luciferians, spread through Europe

• The Cathari/Albigen­ses, a Satanic move­ment of Manichean & Bogomil origins, seize power in southern France
• The Luciferians, a Satan-worshipping secret society, spread through Europe

• Christian Crusaders conquer Lebanon, Syria, Armenia

• Jewish sage Maimon­ides codifies Jewish Law, & influences Muslim & Christian leaders with Jewish teachings

• Muslim Arabs reconquer Jerusalem from the Crusaders
• French Christians burn holy Jewish Talmuds
• Christian Crusaders conquer Israel from the Muslims

 1200 CE

• The Assassins, a violent secret society derived from the Ismailis & the Grand Lodge of Cairo, arise in Persia
• The Fatimids estab­lish the subversive Dar-ul-Hikmat (Grand Lodge of Cairo)

• The Bogomils spread evil-worship into eastern Europe, infiltrating Christianity
Fatimid secret soci­eties infiltrate & subvert Islam, Juda­ism, & Christianity

• Muslim Turks conquer much of Turkey from the Byzantine empire
• The Jewish-conver­ted kingdom of the Khazars is wiped out by Christian armies


• Christian Crusaders murder tens of thou­sands of Jews in Germany & Israel
• Rashi, a Jewish sage in France, preserves Jewish traditions in his commentaries

 1100 CE

• The secret society of the Fatimids, a branch of the Satanic Ismailis, arises

• The Fatimids conquer Egypt
• The Paulicians spread into eastern Europe, Italy, & France, infiltrating Christianity
Karmathite terrorists attack Mecca, kill many Muslims



• Jews flee the Byzantine empire to avoid Christian persecution

 1000 CE

• The Karmathite sect, a branch of the Ismailis, is formed
• The Bogomils, a Satanic secret society derived from the Manicheans, enter the Byzantine empire from Babylon

• The Karmathites launch violent revo­lution against Islam
• The Paulicians spread through the Byzantine empire
• The Ismaili sect of Islam comes under the control of secret Gnostic & Manichean forces



• The Byzantine empire bans Judaism

   900 CE



• Muslim conquest of the Mediterranean isolates western Europe from the Byzantine empire
• Islam conquers Spain, legalizes Judaism again

• The Russian/Turkish kingdom of the Khazars converts to Judaism & welcomes Jews

• The Byzantine empire forces baptism of Jews to Christianity

   800 CE

• The Paulicians, a Satanic, anti-Jewish secret society derived from the Manicheans, arises in Armenia


• Christian rulers ban Judaism in Spain
• Islam conquers North Africa
• Islam conquers Syria, Babylon, Persia
• The Christian church causes expulsion of Jews from France

• Muhammed learns from the Jewish rabbis, then establishes the religion of Islam

• Under Islam, persecution of Jews diminishes
• The Muslim Arabs conquer Israel from the Roman empire
• Muhammed rebels against his Jewish teachers, murders the Jews of Arabia, & becomes emperor

   700 CE


Manichean secret societies infiltrate widely in the eastern Roman empire

• French Christians force some Jewish communities to convert


• Jews gradually migrate into France, Germany, Spain, Russia
• Under persecution, many Jews disperse throughout the world

   600 CE



• Barbarians invade & pillage the city of Rome
• The western Roman empire is steadily occupied by European barbarians



   500 CE


• Rome adds the book of "Revelations," reversing traditional Jewish prophecy, to the New Testament

• The Roman empire is split into east & west
• Rome establishes Christianity as the only official religion, persecutes Judaism
• Rome compiles Greek writings as a "New Testament" & adds them to the Bible

• Pro-Jewish Roman Emperor Julian weakens Christianity, tries to rebuild the Jerusalem Temple, & is assassinated
• Arius learns from the rabbis, founds non-trinity branch of Christianity

• The rabbis preserve the vanishing oral tradition from Mt. Sinai in the Talmud
• Rome abolishes the Jewish Sanhedrin court (originally founded by Moses)

   400 CE


• In Persia, the Manichean secret society is formed to worship evil & subvert religion

• European barbarians begin progressively invading the Roman empire

• Gradually, millions of Romans & Greeks become pro-Jewish Hasidic Gentiles, undermining Roman power


   300 CE

• Evil-promoting societies emerge & fight Judaism (Ophites, Cainites, Carpocratians, Antitacts, Adamites, etc.)


• The Roman empire reaches the height of its power

• Roman Emperor Antoninus secretly converts to Judaism

• Rome desecrates the holy site of the former Jerusalem Temple
• A large Jewish revolt is suppressed by Rome, which kills huge numbers of Jews in revenge

   200 CE


Gnostic secret societies promote sorcery & recruit renegade Jews to fight the rabbis


• Roman Emperor Nero becomes Jewish & is smeared by the church

• Rome destroys the Jerusalem Temple, kills many Jews

   100 CE



• Egyptian "mystery" religions continue fighting Jewish influence among gentiles
• Rule of the 4th prophetic empire: Rome


• Rome conquers Israel

       1 BCE



• Rome conquers Greece
• Greek Hellenists, irritated by Jewish influence, fight Judaism & desecrate the Jerusalem Temple


• The Maccabees fight Greek oppression & win miraculously, creating the Chanukah holiday

   100 BCE



• Rome dominates Egypt
• Egyptian secret societies continuously infiltrate surrounding cultures, opposing Jewish teachings

• Teachings of the rabbis influence surrounding gentile culture

• The 2nd Temple is active as the center of worship

   200 BCE

• The surviving Amalekites are forced back underground
• Amalekites resurface in powerful positions in the Persian empire

• Haman & other Amalekites mobilize Persia to annihilate the Jews, but are defeated

• Rule of the 3rd prophetic empire: Greece
• Rule of the 2nd prophetic empire: Persia

• Alexander the Great conquers Israel, honors the Jews
• Greek philosopher Aristotle learns from the Jewish rabbis

• The rabbis finish writing the Bible & seal it
• The 2nd Jerusalem Temple is built

   300 BCE


• The Assyrian empire, hated everywhere, is wiped out

• Rule of the 1st prophetic empire: Babylon

• The Jewish prophet Jeremiah teaches Greek philosopher Plato
• Jewish teachings reach China & India; Confucius copies ethical principles, Buddha adapts mystical concepts

• Daniel & the vision of 4 empires
• Babylon conquers Israel, destroys the Jerusalem Temple, exiles the Jews
• Some members the 10 tribes return to Judah

   400 BCE

• Assyrian emperor Senchariv publicly defies G-d & is later assassinated
• The Assyrian empire launches world war, smashing nations & murderously dispersing peoples

• Rome abolishes its monarchy & becomes a republic

• Greeks develop philosophy inspired by Jewish teachings

• The 10 northern Jewish tribes are exiled by Assyria, & are replaced by non-Jewish Samaritans
• Isaiah becomes a prophet

   500 BCE

• In Persia, Zarathustra starts the Zoroastrian religion based on some Jewish teachings
• Greeks colonize Ionia (modern Turkey) & are influenced by Jewish teachings

• The Jerusalem Temple continues to attract visitors from around the world

   600 BCE

• Rome founded by probable Edomites (Esau's descendants), known as "Etruscans"

• The prophet Jonah travels to Nineveh & causes the Assyrians to repent
• Greeks adopt the Hebrew/Phoenician alphabet, with changes

• Elijah the prophet destroys Baal-worship

   700 BCE

• Amaleki remnants in Philistia attack King David's family

• Amaleki survivors are scattered from their land, going under­cover & infiltrating many other nations

• King Solomon teaches G-d's wisdom to visiting dignitaries from around the world
• King David conquers & subjugates Edom (Esau's descendants)

• King Solomon builds the 1st Temple in Jerusalem
• King David fights Amalek, but hundreds escape
• King Saul leads Jews to victory over Amalek, but leaves survivors

   800 BCE

• Barbarian invasions disrupt old Greek society, opening the way for learning from other cultures

• Samson the judge rules Israel, defeats the Philistines

   900 BCE

• The Amaleki army, with Midianites & Ishmaelites, invades & terrorizes Israel for 7 years

• Gideon leads Jewish armies to victory over Amalek & allied invaders

 1000 BCE

• Israel ruled by the judges

 1100 BCE

• Amalek, disguised as Canaanites, attacks the Jews again before they enter Canaan

• Phoenicians, north of Israel, learn alphabet from Jews & spread it to others

• Led by Joshua, Jews conquer land of Canaan

 1200 BCE

• The Amaleki nation ambushes the Jews on the way to Mt. Sinai, & is condemned to annihilation when Messiah comes

• Ten plagues break Egyptian power, & its empire begins to disintegrate
• Pharaoh Ikhnaton, inspired by Jews, briefly converts Egypt to worship of G-d
• Exodus of Jews from Egypt, led by Moses; Torah received at Mt. Sinai (1312)

 1300 BCE

• Amaleki tribe grows, settles an area south of Canaan

• Joseph influences Egypt (belief in G-d, circumcision, etc.)

• Joseph dies; Jews enslaved in Egypt

 1400 BCE

• Amalek (progenitor of Communism) born from Esau's son

• Esau's family conquer & settle south of Canaan (becoming nation of Edom)

• Jacob and family exiled to Egypt
• Joseph (son of Jacob) descends to Egypt
• Jacob receives the name "Israel"

 1500 BCE

• Esau (progenitor of Christianity) born from Isaac

• Jacob (father of the Jews) born from Isaac

 1600 BCE

• Ishmael (progenitor of Islam) born from Abraham

• Abraham teaches surrounding peoples about G-d

• Isaac born from Abraham
• Abraham moves to land of Canaan

 1700 BCE

• Abraham born

 1800 BCE