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Strategic Overview

World Battle Lines

State of the War Today (2006)
Which countries are red, and which are not? This is the first regularly-updated (and long overdue) review of the international Communist revolution to appear in two decades. (Updated 10/2/05)

Nations in Judgment
Why did North Korea and mainland China fall to Communist revolution, but not South Korea or Taiwan? What saved Mexico and Honduras but doomed Cuba and Nicaragua? This is our developing country-by-country analysis of why some nations receive more Divine protection than others. (Updated 8/13/06)

The Terror Network
Terrorist attacks don’t just happen by themselves; they need careful planning and sophisticated organization. To help the outsider navigate the global web of revolution, we’ve created an interlinked network of terror group profiles. (Updated 9/3/06)

Enemy Atrocities

Concentration Camps Today
To this day, the Communist Bloc has never even pretended to shut down its vast system of murderous prison camps. We now present our review of the bloodiest (and ongoing) genocide in world history with profiles of thousands of active torture centers.

The Genocide Clock
World revolution isn’t very popular, so the Communists have another way of spreading their hate: mass murder. The global holocaust has already consumed over 300 million victims, and the total is rising every few seconds. This is the clock that tracks the death toll.

The Treason Files

Profiles in Subversion
The Communists know well they can’t cause mass confusion until they infiltrate our most trusted institutions. Everything has been targeted for decades, from religion to politics to local civic groups. As this ongoing project attests, things are no longer what they appear to be.

War Sabotage Report
American presidents have been denying victory to our military forces for decades, from World War II to the current Iraqi revolution. Sometimes they haven’t been able to stop the troops from winning, but it isn’t for lack of trying. Our review articles tell the story.

Historical Background

Israel vs. Amalek — 1800 BCE to the Present
What exactly is the nation of Amalek, and from where did it come? In our historical timeline, we go back in time 38 centuries to trace the origins of the war between the Jewish people and the world revolution.

The Amaleki Network, 1800 BCE to 950 CE
The world revolution began as a small tribe of Amalekites in Biblical times, gradually mushrooming over the centuries into a complex, global web of subversive organizations. This is our developing organizational chart of the Amaleki conspiracy.


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