Founding/Supervisory Organizations:
• Cuban General Directorate of Intelligence (DGI)
• Weather Underground Organization (WUO)
Supporting Organizations:
• Puerto Rican Socialist Party (PSP)
• Workers World Party (WWP)
• Youth International Party (YIP)

Prairie Fire Organizing Committee

Type of Organization:



United States

Ideological cover:

Openly Marxist-Leninist


Urban guerrilla warfare; bombings; assassinations; riots; prison organizing

Target countries:

United States


Organized, possibly active
Derivative/Controlled Organizations:
• May 19th Communist Organization (M-19 CO)
Assisted Organizations:
• American Indian Movement (AIM)
• Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN)
• Puerto Rican Socialist Party (PSP)
• Republic of New Africa (RNA)
• Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA)
• Workers World Party (WWP)