North America:
Quebec Liberation Front Sandinista National Liberation FrontJewish Defense League          National Lawyers Guild Communist Party USA
 United Party of Haitian Communists             Institute for Policy Studies 
Lavalas   Sierra Club  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals American Indian Movement Puerto Rican Socialist Party  John Brown Anti-Klan Committee Students for a Democratic Society
   Greenpeace     Progressive Labor Movement       
Dominican Communist Party National Alliance  Wilderness Society Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Black Panther Party  Armed Forces of National Liberation Symbionese Liberation Army Weather Underground Organization
 Guatemalan Labor Party Sea Shepherd Conservation Society    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People        
Guatemalan National Revolutionary Union Aryan Nations  Earth First! Revolutionary Action Movement (US) Black Guerrilla Family  Los Macheteros New World Liberation Front Prairie Fire Organizing Committee
 Communist Party of El Salvador Friends of the Earth    Nation of Islam         
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front Aryan Brotherhood Earth Liberation Front  Republic of New Africa Consolidated Crips Organization Armed Forces of Popular Resistance  Youth International Party May 19th Communist Organization
 Communist Party of Honduras    Internet Liberation Front      New Puerto Rican Independence Movement   
National Unified Directorate - Movement of Revolutionary Unity Nazi Low Riders  Animal Liberation Front Mara Salvatrucha Black Liberation Army  Organization of Volunteers for the Puerto Rican Revolution Code Pink Socialist Workers Party
        Congress of Racial Equality Armed Commandos of Liberation      
Cinchonero Popular Liberation MovementMexican Communist PartyThe Order  Revolutionary Cells      People's Revolutionary Commandos Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy Workers World Party
 Revolutionary Action Movement (Mexico)Mexican Socialist PartyDemocratic Revolution Party Unified Socialist Party of MexicoNational Liberation ForcesRevolutionary Clandestine Workers’ Union Party of the People Party of the Poor  Insurgent Popular Revolutionary Army    
 Communist League of September 23Zapatista National Liberation Army  Student, Worker, & Campesino Coalition of the Isthmus Comando Jaramillista Morelense 23 de Mayo Revolutionary Clandestine Workers’ Union Party - Party of the Poor Popular Revolutionary ArmyRevolutionary Popular Democratic PartyNational Guerrilla Coordinating Group of José María Morelos y PavonRevolutionary Armed Forces of the People Villista Revolutionary Army of the PeopleClandestine Revolutionary Committee of the Poor

Explanatory Notes:

• Terrorist / revolutionary groups
• Semi-violent / protest-organizing groups
• Political / subversive groups
• Communist regimes & intelligence agencies

Black arrows indicate organizational links
Red arrows indicate logistical or ideological support
• Group names are links to other profiles

• Profiled group highlighted in yellow