World Strategic Projection: 2030


Fully theocratic nations

Nations undergoing conversion to theocracy


At some time well after the completion of the Jerusalem Temple, even the most backward, pagan societies will have been heavily influenced by Jewish teachings and will be well underway in their theocratic development.

Our map portrays a time when all previously Christian or Muslim nations (in full blue) will already have completed the transition to theocracy, and the other half of the world’s population (in light blue) will be in the process. Israel will be the center of G-d’s kingdom in the physical world, with Jerusalem as the center for all religious teaching and worship. Not represented by this map are the wonders of wealth, technology, capitalism, and other accelerating progress that will flow out from mankind’s submission to G-d’s Law, nor the exploration and development of Antarctica, the ocean floors, or outer space as man reaches out in all directions to fill the universe.

Nor do we have any good reason to choose 2030 as the target date for this stage of development, for we have no idea how quickly things will progress. But it is no worse a guess than any other year, as far as we know.