World Strategic Projection: 2020


Fully theocratic nations

Nations undergoing conversion to theocracy

Freed nations in early stages of theocratic influence


Jewish traditions state that, after the end of the third War of Gog and Magog, the anointed Jewish king (“Moshiach” in Hebrew, or “Messiah” in popular English) will accomplish four basic tasks: annihilating the surviving remnants of the hidden nation of Amalek, rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple permanently, gathering all Jews back to Jewish Law, and bringing the rest of the world under theocratic Law (a religious political system).

Our projection of the period shortly after the rebuilding of the Temple is presented here. With the Communist revolution completely erased and the forces of evil eliminated, the entire world will be in varying stages of the transition to theocracy. Based on a Jewish tradition (see Maimonides, The Laws of Kings 11:4) that says the religions of Christianity and Islam have prepared the way for the future Messianic Era, we portray those nations with a majority population of Christians and/or Muslims — representing about half the world’s population — as being further along in their development of theocratic systems.

The fully blue nations, completely theocratic in this snapshot, are those which today have a significant Jewish presence and are thus likely to begin the transformation earlier, during the final War of Gog and Magog — or which, according to prophetic tradition, will be annexed by Israel immediately after the war (primarily Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq).

The light-blue nations are the remainder of the Christian/Muslim world that will have begun their theocratic development most probably during or immediately after the building of the Jerusalem Temple.

The white nations are those with cultures rooted in more pagan religions and lifestyles, which will presumably not begin their transformation until after the Temple is completed.

The year 2020 is selected merely because it is no better and no worse than any other as a projected time for this period. We know of no authoritative tradition that specifies how long this development will take.