World Strategic Projection: 2010


Nations under essential or full Communist control

Openly Communist-dominated governments, or Communist-controlled regions with the country

Newly freed nations, undergoing conversion to theocracy

Undecided nations, caught in the throes of struggle


According to Jewish prophetic tradition, World War III (the third and final War of Gog and Magog) will end with a cataclysmic battle against Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. The outcome will be a miraculous rescue of the Jews and their decisive victory, ushering in an era of worldwide transition to a theocratic (religious) political system.

A passage in the Biblical prophets (Zechariah 12:7) states that Jews outside Jerusalem will be rescued first. Since the war and its staggering destruction will be global in scope, this must refer to the Jews living throughout the world, and implies that the Communist world revolution will be defeated in some other countries before the siege of Jerusalem takes place. This interpretation is supported by various prophetic traditions and other Biblical passages (as, for example, Daniel 11:40-45).

We therefore present a snapshot of World War III right before the attack on Jerusalem, based on our analysis of the world strategic picture today in light of prophetic tradition. The map portrays in light blue those nations already breaking free of Communist revolution and moving toward theocracy, and in red those nations still under Communist occupation preparing for a last, desperate strike at Israel.

For the light-blue category, we have selected those nations which have not already fallen under Communism and which have either substantial Jewish populations or identifiable orthodox, religious Jewish communities. Non-Communist nations lacking such a Jewish presence are portrayed in white, still struggling with Communist-inspired subversion and turmoil.

We have taken the liberty of assuming that all currently Communist nations will remain so by the time of the final battle, and that Iraq, which recently fell to “semi-Communist” status, may well return to full Communism, given the current US policy of appeasement and non-victory in Iraq.

Our choice of the year 2010 for this turning point late in World War III is, of course, a guess — but probably quite close, for events are rapidly moving toward their final prophetic sequence. We doubt this projection is more than a couple of years off the mark.