Concentration Camps Today

(Soviet) Uzbekistan

Capital: Tashkent
(3 concentration camps, 3 prisons)

Death camps: 7
• Almalyk (underground uranium mine)
• Andizhan (underground uranium mine)
• Fergana (uranium mine [underground] & enrichment facility)
• Kokand (underground uranium mine)
• Kulkuduk (uranium mines)
• Leninsk (uranium mine [underground] & enrichment facility)
• Margelan (uranium mine [underground] & enrichment facility)

(death by radiation poisoning in all 7)

Forced-labor concentration camps: 24
• 3 for children (Tashkent, Navoi, Urga)
• 3 for women and their babies (Tashkent [2], Zing-Ata)

Torture-facility prisons: 6

Psychiatric prisons: 2


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