June 25, 2006

ATTAC Report This Week

The Approaching PLO Holocaust

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PLO death squads are stepping up their war against palestinian Arabs, and the body count is rising. Time may be running out to prevent a crisis of genocide in Israel’s territories.

Hello. I’m your host, Boruch Ellison, and this is “ATTAC Report This Week” for June 25th, 2006.

A widowed mother of four children as young as three and a half years old is captured by PLO militiamen. She is forced into a hospital courtyard, where she is pumped full of bullets while the captors celebrate the murder.

A 17-year-old palestinian boy is kidnapped by a PLO militia, tortured for hours until he is bleeding and scarred. Then the PLO returns for his widowed mother, who is also tortured and forced into a false confession on video. Hours later, her bullet-riddled body is dumped in the public square to terrorize other palestinians. For days, PLO militia members prevent her seven newly orphaned children from burying the body.

A palestinian man is seized and dragged into a schoolyard. As the schoolgirls are forced to watch, he is attacked with an ax and dismembered limb by limb while he slowly dies.

A mother is murdered in her own home, her head chopped in half in front of her eight children.

In every case, the victims were palestinian Arabs in Israel’s West Bank; the killers were units of Fatah, the main group of the Palestine Liberation Organization, or PLO. Headed formerly by Yassir Arafat and now by Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah controls the Palestinian Authority, whose occupation forces now rule the Gaza Strip and much of the West Bank.

Even while the PLO’s Fatah group receives hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. aid every year, it continues to operate death squads in the areas it controls. Thousands of palestinian Arabs have been publicly tortured and murdered for being seen speaking with any Jew, for buying Israeli products, for working jobs in Israel, or for no reason at all.

Communist revolutionaries the world over have employed the terrorist rule of Nikolai Lenin, first Soviet dictator: “Punish one, frighten one hundred.” Since Marxist revolution almost always lacks popular support, the terrorists must send a powerful message of fear and intimidation against the people they are pretending to “liberate.” In nations throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America, Marxist revolutionaries routinely murder or cripple simple workers and peasants in front of their own families, or often slaughter entire villages at once.

Upon coming to power, those same Communists expand their macabre war against the population into full-blown genocide, murdering millions or tens of millions of helpless civilians in a campaign to terrorize the entire nation at once.

The PLO, which was established by Communist Egypt and remains under the tight control of Soviet Russia, employs similar tactics in its war against Israelis and Arabs. Faced with universal dislike by palestinians, who would rather live under Israeli rule, PLO death squads terrorize palestinians by attacking randomly selected men, women — including pregnant mothers — and children. The victims are murdered through mutilation, hacking with axes and knives, shooting, or by molten plastic or acid being poured on their faces.

But now that the Palestinian Authority is being handed control of Israel’s West Bank and Gaza Strip, the problem is escalating. One week ago, PLO leaders officially proclaimed a new policy of mass extermination of palestinian Arabs, to be carried out by the so-called “police forces” together with the death squads. Victims will be labeled as “counterrevolutionaries” or “collaborators” for failing to support the revolution.

The Bush Administration continues to send hundreds of millions of dollars annually to the PLO and its leader, Mahmoud Abbas. Much of this money ends up in the hands of the death squads, which work directly under Fatah and thus receive their orders from Abbas.

Cutting off aid to the PLO could help slow the mass murder. But if Israeli forces do not soon retake the territories, the world may witness a genocidal bloodbath of tens of thousands of palestinian Arabs by the Marxist PLO.

Thank you for listening. From all of us at ATTAC Report, good-bye.

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