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Hijacking the US Army

(The Inside Story: World Report v1:3, October 1994)

While the CIA, FBI, and KGB are beginning to merge, a parallel takeover is targeting our military forces.

During the first week of September, some 500 troops — half American, half Soviet — conducted a joint training exercise at the Totsk Range in Russia. The United States flew in 27 planes full of motorized army vehicles for the maneuver, in which Soviet forces have been learning American battle techniques up close.

The exercise was part of the new Partnership for Peace program, under which the Soviet and Eastern European governments have been able to join NATO. This program is phasing in a merger between Soviet and Eastern European forces on the one hand, and Western European armies on the other. Similar joint training exercises are already taking place in Eastern Europe, and Soviet troops may soon be allowed into Western Europe for further exercises.

Next year, the United States will probably pay to fly Soviet troops into this country for yet more joint maneuvers. At that time, Soviet forces will get a first-hand look at American terrain while learning more about the US military.

In the Totsk exercise, the US and Soviet troops worked together as a joint United Nations “peacekeeping” force. Their target was a mythical city, which they practiced surrounding and occupying.

The inquisitive may wonder why Soviet forces need to practice the occupation of American (or European) cities.


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