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Clinton sends aid to El Salvador terrorists

(The Inside Story: World Report v1:1, July 1994)

The George Bush administration forced the government of El Salvador to accomodate the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) in 1992, bringing those Marxist-Leninist terrorists into the army and police forces. Despite its official declaration of peace, the FMLN was recently caught still being supplied with Soviet Bloc weapons through Cuba and Nicaragua.

Now Bill Clinton is sending tens of millions of dollars in US aid directly to the FMLN. By March of this year, the group had already received over $12 million, with over $72 million more on its way.

Not only does the aid providing housing and food, but the revolutionaries are investing enormous sums in land, which could later be resold for more sophisticated weapons. The US is also training FMLN members to function in a police force — logistical support that the Soviet Bloc previously had to provide.


(Beamish, R., Associated Press, “Salvador ex-rebels get U.S. aid,” San Francisco Chronicle, March 29, 1994, p. A12.)